The latest invention from Sava is ready to be released for the first time. The heated packer, or JUST HEAT, can significantly reduce the turnaround time for patch pipe repairs and allow repairs to be carried out even at low temperatures. The first device of its kind, this product stands to make a big impact within the drainage industry.

The relationship between temperature and curing time for patch repairs is not a new observation. A 10°C decrease in temperature can as much as double the curing period required for the resin used for localised patch repairs, which can make working in cold conditions impractical and inefficient. The JUST HEAT packer has an internal heater, allowing the temperature to be raised to reduce the curing time by as much as half, regardless of the outside temperature. The temperature can be easily monitored and adjusted with the digital control unit, giving you full control of the process.

This new technology could allow work to be carried out all year round. Preferable to working in warmer conditions, the heater is left inactive while the resin is being applied to allow the longest possible time before it becomes unusable, and switched on only when the packer is securely in the pipe to speed up the curing process. This allows greater flexibility than standard packers.

A prototype of this unique product will be presented at the Ant Hire stand (outdoor stand 28) at No Dig Live in Peterborough on the 16th – 18th of September. Contact John Rose at john@anthire.com or Sean Popple at sean@anthire.com for more details about the event.

written by Ales Ribic

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